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SST-1122 Mark II Solid State Amplifier

The 100 Watt Replacement Vintage Rotary Speaker Amplifier. Covered by our 2 year Exchange Warranty.*

Finally! Someone has created a Solid State amplifier that has the warmth of a tube amplifier.

When you play a vintage drawbar organ and rotary speaker like a model 122 or 147, the tubes in the speaker’s amplifier are part of what makes that sound warm. For years, solid state amplifier makers have been trying to duplicate that warm sound of tubes. They have even tried adding a preamp tube inside the circuit to help achieve a warmer sound.

The SpectraSound™ SST-1122 Mark II Amplifier changes that. We have spent years developing and testing our new amplifier, making sure it has the warm sound of tubes. You can now have the power and reliability that you get from a solid state amp while giving you the warmth of tubes.

Drawbar Organ Clone owners no longer have to use special adapter kits to connect to vintage rotary speakers or buy add-on effects boxes to get a warmer sound from a new solid state rotary speaker cabinet. With the new SST-1122 Mark II you save money and extend the life of a vintage rotary cabinet.

Vintage Tonewheel Organ owners can now upgrade their rotary speaker cabinets, as well. You will need a qualified organ tech to install the correct connector kit or modify the organ to work with the 11 pin standard.

*2 Year Exchange Warranty. We are so confident about our amp that it's covered by our 2 Year Exchange Limited Warranty. If the unit fails we will exchange it. We will provide you a copy of the warranty upon request if you would like to know the limitations of the warranty.

For more information you can contact us at 484-478-0095 or email us.



SST-1122 Mark II Information

  • A.A.M. Warm Tube Sound
  • 100 watts
  • Greater Reliability
  • No Mechanical Relay
  • Adds STOP to two speed Leslie Cabinets
  • Built-in Motor Protection
  • On-board Diagnostics
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible With New Drawbar Clones
  • Saves Energy
  • N.E.C. Compliant - Electrically Safe
  • And More . . .
  • Sonic Output
    • 100 watts RMS
  • Optical & Galvanic Isolation
    • Avoids electrical hum from ground loops.
  • Speaker Compatibility
    • 16 ohm
  • Audio Input
    • 11 pin Standard Connector
    • Audio Output – 1plus & 1negative
  • AC Connections
    • 3 pin power inlet – 120VAC / 60hz
    • Illuminated Off/Standby switch
    • 2 AC Upper Slow and Fast Outlets
    • 2 AC Lower Slow and Fast Outlets
  • Volume Control
    • Rotary Knob 0 to 12 position
  • Diagnostic LED’s
    • White – Warm up
    • Blue – Ready
    • Green – Fast
    • Yellow – Slow
    • Red – Tube Type Limiter
  • Weight & Dimensions
    • 14 Lbs. (shipping)
    • 16”L x 6”W x 4”H


  • Leslie Speaker™ Model Compatibility
    • Single Speed - 22, 42, 45, 47, 44W
    • Two Speed - 122, 142, 145, 147, 242, 247
      • Cabinets with RV will not have Reverb
    • Other Models - 51, 251 no second channel
    • 770 & 760 - Conversion requires 16 ohm crossover and 16 ohm bass speaker and AC plugs for motors. Check with us if you need more information.
    • No Compatibility to current Suzuki 122A or 147A
  • Drawbar Clones
    • Any Clone that has an 11 pin female connector.
      • If the keyboard has sounds other then drawbars only the drawbars will be heard.
  • Hammond Suzuki
    • Single Channel Drawbars - XB2, XB5, XB3, XC3, A-205, XB3A*, XC3A, XB3M, XC3M, A-305, XK3*, New B3, New B3 Portable, New B3 Mark II. (* Extra Voices will not be heard as there is no stationary channel)

  • Vintage Tonewheel Organs. All that have 5 or 6 pin connections require an 11 pin adapter kit.


1. This product is only sold in the US and Canada.
2. The amp is designed to work with 120V AC @ 60 Cycles only.
3. The amp is designed for use with 16ohm speakers and crossovers like those most often found in the 122/142, 142/145, 22/42, 44W, 45/47, 51/251 vintage rotary speakers.
4. Not comparable with the newer Suzuki 122A or 147A.
5. Diversi/SpectraSound reserves the right to change specifications without notice.